Smart Unified Communications

In today’s working environment, employees are spread across different locations.
In UC is a unified communications application providing Video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, presence and instant messaging for any business of up to 112 to 128 users.

Utilizing WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) – InUC provides highly cost-effective video and collaboration working seamlessly within your IT environment.

Users are able to quickly set-up audio and video connections between two or more PCs or devices from anywhere with an internet and VPN or LAN connection. As well as video and audio conferencing functionality, PC users can work collectively with screen share and shared documents. It’s also ideal for live software demos and presentation slideshows.


  • Increase your productivity levels: Time-saving features for all your work force
  • Web video conference: Enabling travel saving, mobility, home working & mulit-site organisations
  • Screen sharing: Provides collaboration on documents with multiple users
  • Lower costs: Single initial cost, no recurring monthly subscriptions
  • Easy to use: Minimal / no training required
  • Always on 24/7: Browser-based; remote access
  • Easy contact management: Contacts are auto-populated from email application enabling multi-cast messaging and more
  • Presence: Provides a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your team’s availability making users become more reachable

InGuard is an effective, low cost solution to help protect a business against the rise of toll fraud attacks.
Toll Fraud is a fraudulent attempt by a hacker to gain unlawful remote access to a phone system. Attacks are often highly organized from an automated server and once accessed, fraudulent calls are connected and over a period of time, can run up call charges of potentially thousands.

Smart Mobility Options

Today’s mobile workers depend on communication tools that accommodate flexible workspaces and allow free roaming wherever they are. The system ensures your team stay connected, but without the escalating business mobile costs.

Away from the office

Users can enjoy a complete phone user experience from their home office plus greater working flexibility. Individual and business benefits include the cost and time savings of travel and even the associated costs of workspace. IP Desktop terminals provide access to system features from the home, e.g. company directory, call transfer and more.

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On the road

Use your existing Smartphone as a system extension complete with call control. Save on mobile call costs and remain reachable on a single number. The Smartphone SIP App simply connects to the SL2100 via Wi-Fi or across the Mobile Data Network (3G/4G). If the smartphone is not connected due to lack of Network, the SL2100 can provide roaming by routing calls to your GSM number.

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Voice Logger System

  • Keeping Professionalism & Good Company Standards
  • Keeping Happy Customers

The Voice Logger for Analog Lines is a multi-line voice recording device that can be used to record telephone conversations occurring on analog trunks and extensions. Call recording helps in improving customer service by enabling your managerial staff and supervisors to review actual telephone conversations, allowing you to address customer issues quickly and fairly.

Mindful of the fact that conversations are recorded and can be reviewed at any time, employees tend to be polite and courteous on phone and follow company policies and procedures when dealing with customers and prospective clients.

Voice logs can also be used to implement personnel performance reviews, perform self-appraisal and train customer support staff to handle calls in difficult situations. The presence of voice logs also ensures that records are maintained for resolving customer grievances and disputes. Connected in parallel to an analog trunk or extension, The Voice Logger logs complete call details including Caller ID, call duration, time of call and the audio of the telephone conversation.
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Considering of having a Video Conferencing Set?

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Better Flexibility
  • Saves time and money when meeting overseas partners
  • Better effective communication
  • Improve productivity
  • Higher efficiency
  • Options of working remotely – outside office
  • Conduct online interview and distance learning

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The Modern Meeting ………Transformed

Introducing the Samsung Flip, an interactive display that drives more productive and efficient collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip, meetings can take place anywhere and at any time, with everything you need always ready to go.

Business meeting logistics no longer need to be stressful and inefficient. The Samsung Flip can help you and your team work smarter, faster and better.

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The ProLight Interactive Flat Panel offers an all-in-one solutions for meeting rooms and classrooms collaboration needs. Users can wirelessly present their computer content to ProLight’s 4K (UHD) interactive flat panel without the need to install any software or application.

ProLight interactive flat panel offers a true multi touch capabilities – up to 20 simultaneous point of touch, touch gesture recognition – write with the pen and erase with your palm, fast touch response time, as well as easy to use and intuitive Android-based built-in software.


UHD 4K Resolutions
All of our ProLight Interactive Flat Panel have a standard Ultra HD 4K (3840×2160) resolution. It provides brighter, clearer and sharper image quality. Customers can enjoy a more detailed image quality at any distance and angle.

PC Module (Selected Series)

The built in Android OS is outstanding for simplicity and ease of use. But for customer who wants more, we provide a built-in, slim, lightweight PC module on selected models. It runs on Windows 10 Pro and has the latest Intel Skylake i5 processors with128GB SSD storage and a 4GB of DDR4 RAM to keep everything run smoothly.

ClickStreamTM – Plug and Play Wireless Display Module

Prolight Wireless module as an agent of progress in the corporate landscape as well as an opportunity to revolutionize display technology for the modern enterprise. You can easily connect your own PC or laptop to Prolight with one simple button to start presenting, wihout power supply.

ProPenTM (Optional)

ProPenTM offers the customer the ability to write, slide playback and annotation during presentation. It isolates pen writing and hand/gesture control which is more convenient for the users to use.

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Smart Hospitality

Cost-effective solution for hotels providing easier bookings, billings & administration

NEC’s InHotel combines a complete and comprehensive Property Management System together with tightly integrated telephone system functionality.

Ideal for hotels of up to 120 rooms, this easy to use platform is designed to increase your staffs’ productivity, enhance guest experience and significantly lower your running costs.

7 Reasons why you should be using NEC’s InHotel

1. Transform your customer service levels

  • Faster check-ins, checkouts
  • Quicker amends to room bookings
  • Enables sharper responses to guest requests

2. Transform your productivity levels

  • Numerous everyday time-saving features
  • Works with your communications for maximum integration (e.g. wake up calls)
  • DECT mobility reduces your staff’s ‘corridor miles’

3. Lower cost of ownership

  • Single initial cost – no recurring monthly subscription costs
  • No middleware required
  • Multiple concurrent users – no extra charge per user
  • On-board application – no extra PC server hardware or maintenance (leverage your existing hardware and even saves energy!)

4. Easy to use

  • Easy interface – minimal / no training required
  • More fl exibility with your team
  • Deal with staff turnover more easily

5. Always on 24/7 access

  • Browser-based
  • Can be accessed remotely from anywhere
  • B.Y.O.D.

6. Easy, flexible & faster billing

  • Includes room rates, variable VAT, call costs, mini bar, spa, restaurant, even breakages
  • Any fee can easily be added
  • PDF invoice generated

7. Complete hotel room management

  • Real-time status dashboard at your fi ngertips
  • Easy to set wake-up calls & unanswered follow-ups
  • Automated call billing & voicemail as soon as a guest checks in

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